Jack is a samurai warrior flug far into the future by the shape-shiftind master of darkness, Aku. He seeks to return to his time and undo the evil which has plagued the universe.


Jack is always extremely polited and humble. No matter how strange or unpleasant the customs of the peple he meets, he never scoffs at or belittles them. Jack shows uncommon moral strenght of character by helping any poor and defenseless he encounters in his travels, at times even forgeting his own goals to come to the aid of others. He also often gives sage like wisdom to those in need of guidence. Jack has a great inability or reluctance to learn how to use the technology of the future.


Jack wears a simple white kimono with a gray lining on the sleeves and outer edge tied together with a white sash. on his feet are a traditional pair of wooden sandals. He also has long jet black hair that he ties into a topnot.


He has no home, being that he drifts about.