Well, here we are, starting out making a wiki. There are some things that need done around here, but I think you'll be up to it. Please leave replies in the comments when it is either done, or you have an answer.

Admins, Bureaucrats, Rollbacks, and Me ONLYEdit

Finished TasksEdit

  • Find out what exactly you guys are. I don't know the difference between any of your positions. This is why it's number one. I will find that out ASAP. Rollbacks can revert edits with one click instead of having to go back to the history page. Admins have Rollback rights, and can also, delete and undelete pages, lock a page so it can't be edited or renamed by any other user, block users who are vandals, grant and revoke chat mod rights, edit the wiki's skin and format, and edit MediaWiki pages.

Needed TasksEdit

  1. Give me ideas. I have a pretty much set idea of what this place will be.....well, it's a little loose. So, I need all your ideas.
  2. Create a step by step guide. This is where the users will go to actually know what to do. Their first stop was originally going to be the sign-up page, but now I'm not sure. Maybe we should make a rule page or something. I don't know. See why I need ideas?
  3. Create Character Pages. This is one of the things I know we need to do. It's going to take a lot of work though. Create a page for each individual character. I will put up an example soon.
  4. Create Locations. These will be general locations for roleplaying. I will put out a couple examples of those soon.

New UsersEdit

  1. LET ME KNOW YOUR HERE! We have such a little amount of people contributing right now, it's not even funny. If you leave a comment on my user page, I will get back to you and make you an admin. Or bureacrat. Or roleback. I have no idea what any of these mean!!! Oh, and who am I? Well, I'm Scienceboy0, founder of this, here wiki. So, anyway, get yourself known!

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